Walkthrough of AWS User Notifications

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On May 3, 2023 AWS has launched one new service called as ‘AWS User Notifications’. AWS User Notifications enables users to centrally setup and view notifications from AWS services, such as AWS Health events, Amazon CloudWatch alarms, or EC2 Instance state change, in a consistent, human-friendly format.

Users can view notifications across accounts, regions, and services in a Console Notifications Center, and configure delivery channels, like email, chat, and mobile push notifications, where they can receive these notifications.

Here are the steps to configure AWS User Notification into your account

  • Go to the AWS Console
  • Search for ‘AWS User Notifications’ service
  • Click on ‘Create notification configuration’ button
  • Fill in Events detail
  • In Event rules section, mention for which AWS service you want to receive notification, event type and Region as well.
  • In this blog, we are configuring event to receive notification as soon as there is any state change in any of EC2 instance within US East (North Virginia) region
  • You can add multiple Event rules
  • Next, mention delivery time of notifications based upon your need. 
  • Now configure how would you like to receive notification. In this example, we have selected to receive Email notification on email address and on AWS Chatbot
  • Once done, click on ‘Create notification configuration’ button
  • At this stage you have successfully done the Event configuration
Now let us start the EC2 instance in (North Virginia) region
Soon you will automatically receive notification in notification area

User will receive email notification on configured Email address

Here is the notification on AWS Chatbot configured Microsoft Teams Channel

Importanat Notes:

1. This service is offered by AWS at no additional cost

2. As of today customization of notification title or body is not supported

Similarly, you can configure event notifications for other AWS services like S3, ECS, Event Bridge, Step Function and many more..