AWS Chatbot Integration With Microsoft Teams

Going forward you can use AWS Chatbot to view, troubleshoot and operate AWS resources directly from Microsoft Teams. By leveraging AWS Chatbot for Microsoft Teams or any other chat platforms, you can receive notifications from AWS services in your chat channels and execute infrastructure-related tasks by entering commands, eliminating the need to switch to another tool.

What is ChatOps?

Communicating and collaborating on IT operation tasks through chat channels is known as ChatOps. Basically, it allows Cloud Engineers to centralize the management of infrastructure and applications, automate and streamline workflows

AWS had launched Chatbot back in 2020 with Amazon Chime and Slack integrations. Subsequently, the chat platform ecosystem has undergone swift development, and a large number of individuals are presently utilizing Microsoft Teams.

In general, real-time notifications regarding system health, budget, new security risks or threats, and the status of your CI/CD pipelines are desired to Cloud Engineers. This is where ChatOps integration with MS Teams could be helpful. Additionally, you have the option to directly input most AWS Command Line Interface (AWS CLI) commands into the chat channel. This enables you to access supplementary telemetry data or resource information, or execute runbooks to resolve issues. 

AWS Chatbot allows you to create custom aliases for frequently used commands and their parameters, reducing the steps needed to complete a task. These flexible aliases can include personalized parameters, making command entry easier. AWS Chatbot’s natural language processing allows you to ask questions in everyday language, and receive relevant AWS documentation or support article extracts as answers. You can also use natural language to execute commands. E.g. show me my ec2 instances in us-east-1.

In this video I will showcase how to configure the Integration Between AWS Chatbot and Microsoft Teams.